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Rec2Gen Memorabilia and Photographs
for Genealogists and Local Historians

Rec2Gen archives and indexes public domain photographs, documents and files, mostly from what we call the Ephemeral Web -- material that is freely available online one moment, and gone the next. Mostly these consist of items offered for sale, which when sold are removed. Our collection of such material began in the 1990s, mostly with old photographs and postcards. We also collect historic records, ephemeral advertising and similar materials -- basically anything that offers genealogical clues or historical information.

Due to the great deal of time and effort required to organize and index this information, we charge a small fee for copies of these files, which goes to support further preservation work.

In all cases, we have, and offer for sale, only digital copies -- the original items were sold, often for high prices, and are in private collections around the world..

A small percentage of the files we offer are text files -- these come from transcriptions of old books that have not (yet) been placed online at the time of our adding them to the archives. Mostly biographical in nature, these files offer a wealth of genealogical information.

We are also planning an index of online genealogical resources, but that has not been developed to any great degree yet. Suggestions are welcome. Right now, our plan is to limit it to sites with original data, rather than compiled genealogies, but the idea is still undergoing development.

Items Indexed to Date:
which includes ...
241 Postcards
61 Photographs
5 Newpaper Clippings
6 Trade Cards
13 Documents
3 Letters
2 Addressed Envelopes
1 Fliers/Brochures
11 Text Files

Our INDEX includes 1000 Personal Names and 325 Business, Organization and View titles.

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